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Robert Reyes
Robert Reyes

Where To Buy Cafe Valet Coffee

This cork valet tray adds style into your home while organizing it at the same time. Perfect for you bedside table, to hold your keys at your home's entrance, to hold your everyday jewelry in your bathroom or anywhere really!

where to buy cafe valet coffee

Note: The coffee basket, coffee pods, and coffee cup are usually included when you check into your hotel room. Not sure where you can actually buy the supplies for brewing at home. The main thing you would need at home would be the coffee basket. You can user other coffee pods and generic coffee cup, as long as the cup fits below the coffee basket.

To pick up your vehicle, return to where you dropped it off or call ahead to the valet before leaving your destination to receive curbside service. Reach the valet at extension 2-3748 or (585) 922-3748 from off-campus. After 6 pm, please contact Safety and Security at extension 2-4300 or (585) 922-4300 to retrieve your car. 041b061a72


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