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TOHU Download PC Game !!TOP!!

if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'adventuregamers_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',110,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-adventuregamers_com-banner-1-0');Each scene, from caves to houses to carnivals, is beautifully drawn and packed full of so many points of interest that it can be overwhelming at first. This feeling is compounded by the fact that hotspots do not highlight, nor are they captioned by hovering over them with your cursor. It's impossible to tell what can and can't be interacted with unless you try it, which leads to spending the first few minutes in any room clicking wildly on the piles of junk and characters and creatures flitting around.

TOHU Download PC Game

Solving my way through this bizarre collection of obstacles was a true highlight of TOHU, except for two tired genre tropes that unfortunately popped up: the Container Puzzle, and the River Crossing Puzzle. For those who don't know, the Container Puzzle is an infamous brainteaser wherein you need to arrive at a certain measurement of liquid using two unequal containers (such as using a 5L and a 3L container to make 4L). The River Crossing Puzzle is an ancient logic problem where you must transport three entities across a river, but neither can be left alone with one of the others. In a game so stuffed full of distinctive takes on classic puzzle styles, it was disappointing to see a pair of over-used retreads thrown in.

With those few notable exceptions, however, TOHO has a good mix and balance of puzzles throughout the adventure. Ranging in style and difficulty, they make the game consistently challenging and rewarding, and will keep your brain adjusting and adapting with every new scene. Many of the puzzles are contained on a single screen, but there is also a fair bit of hopping back and forth with a new item or after making some kind of change to the environment. If you're having trouble, the game does offer an intriguing hint mechanic in the form of a finicky timing-based mini-game. A pointer spins around a wheel of buttons and you have to time your clicks just right to make the pointer hit the buttons. One miss and it resets. It can take a while to master, but when you do, you're treated to a pictorial map that will outline all the goals and solutions in each scene. For a game so dense and bizarre, I was thankful for this hint mechanic a few times in my playthrough.

All the while, the score playing in the background is light and airy throughout with melodic piano, strings, and muted horns. It gives the game a gentle, calm feeling that offers some welcome contrast to its visually cluttered environments. As the clicks and whirs of unusual machinery happen all around, it's a balm to be treated with soothing music. There is very little voice work, as most of the characters either communicate in soft, expressive grunts with pictorials showing their thoughts, or through overlays of speech bubbles next to a portrait of the character talking. There are no dialogue trees or options, as any conversation is largely instructional or expositional when it happens.

All in all, I was delightfully surprised by TOHU. The game takes you on a wonderfully weird romp through a universe full of odd creatures and challenges. Rather than the traditional point-and-click adventure I was expecting, I found myself exercising every part of my puzzle-solving cortex (we have one of those, right?) all the while enjoying the cute little tale it told. The fine line between graphic adventure and puzzle game is expertly walked, and while I was occasionally overwhelmed by the sheer level of excess at times, by pacing myself I was always left feeling satisfied. If story is the reason you come to adventure games, TOHU is pretty lightweight, but if you enjoy beautiful animation and artwork and solving puzzles, this game more than delivers.

In terms of game file size, you will need at least 13 GB of free disk space available. An Intel Core i3-560 CPU is required at a minimum to run TOHU. TOHU system requirements state that you will need at least 4 GB of RAM. Provided that you have at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card you can play the game.

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Experience a brand new adventure game set amongst a world of weird and wonderful fish planets. Explore beautiful environments, solve intricate puzzles and discover the truth about a mysterious little girl and her mechanical alter-ego, Cubus.

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What a beautiful day to hang out the laundry! In this little game, you have to connect the apartments using clotheslines. But one apartment can correspond to another. You need to spot the inhabitants who have affinities!

This is a super cute game, but I want to mention that I thought the penguin was holding pebbles because of what I know about penguins and how they pick their mates, so that match threw me for a loop, but still a lot of fun!

The game is pretty short and It's not a bad thing, but It would be more fun if there were more rooms and they would be in a random order. The artwork is adorable and charming, love it! The music is also very calming, would love to have more music if the game would be long. The game is really good at what it does, so I find it a success.

Was a bright, cute and wholesome game! Was expecting a long and more puzzle-like game, but was still really pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of it and the cute art! Liked the whole game; it was a short but really fun experience!

TOHU is a hand-painted fantasy adventure puzzle game. The graphics and universe is very cute looking. Players will play and switch between two roles in the game. One is our protagonist, a cute little girl, and the other is attached to the protagonist. The mechanical spirit Kubus. You will explore this fantasy world together and help the little girl solve the mystery of her life experience by taking interactive puzzles.

The very fine and beautiful graphics brings the player into a world full of fairy tales. The game has a rich variety of props, and a large number of levels are waiting for you to experience, bringing players the most enjoyable adventure experience.

TOHU is a very quirky little game that is both smart and challenging at the same time. I loved that part about the game, but I feel it might be on the harder side of the spectrum which may not open it up to all players? As is common with point and click games, Tohu is all about finding your way across the story and solve many puzzles.

Those are the source of the story and boy, they were complicated at times. To give you an example, at one point, I was to put together a broken mirror. The pieces scattered all over the place, so you move around and try to find them all. After finding them all and two other random things, I went back to put the mirror back together. This was no cakewalk as the puzzle was actually anything but easy. Not like it was tough as nails, but still surprisingly hard for the beginning of the game.

Once I finished putting it back together, I was to find a way to beat my mirror image. The mirror image of my second appearance, the mighty robot called Cubus. I had the chance to be more powerful by inhaling the air from three steps down. It did not work as I needed a glove to aid me in my quest. Once I got to the location of the glove, there was the owl protecting the glove. Having to find a way around it, I had my fair share of head-scratching ahead of me and that was pretty much the majority of the time I had with this game. Hard yet not impossible. Maybe too tough for the casual player?

Next up, how did it perform on Google Stadia? Well, it is a game with little movement, yet some fun graphics that are mostly static. So needless to say this game was performing very well. I had only 60 download during my gameplay and 20 upload. More than sufficient for a good experience! Near the end of my first hour of the game, I did have some minor pixelation issues which lasted around a minute but evened out afterward.

One unusual little thing though, I played the game on my PC with the mouse, just easier for this genre, but it kept insisting I connected my controller and when that went into battery save mode, I had trouble getting out of the game once I was done at the time. A rather weird experience.

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