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Watch Hunter X Hunter - 093 !NEW!

The King and the Royal Guards siege the capital of East Gorteau. Gon and Palm go on a date while Killua watches over Gon from the shadows. Killua soon realizes a Chimera Ant is nearby and lures it away. It turns out to be Rammot.

Watch Hunter X Hunter - 093

Meanwhile, Cheetu strolls through Pata City, unabashed to his appearance. To him, it's just more food around. Gon gathers things for his date in the woods and Killua continues to fear enemy attack since Gon has no Nen powers at the moment. During the day, Cheetu has killed and eaten multiple people and now the cops have found him. They open fire, but Cheetu, faster than a speeding bullet, dodges the shots and removes the police officer's fingers. Later, Killua watches on the news about this incident and still remains cautious. The news anchor reports that the government wants the Hunter Association to get involved.

The main thing I want to is that as talented a writer Togashi is, I think he's even better at foreplay. Okay that sounded wrong but I think this whole arc up till now has been epic foreplay. The king's birth was the first of no doubt several climaxes but Togashi hasn't yet pulled out his final card. He's teasing us and pleasuring us until that final battle where when we're begging for it, he'll give it. I think I watched Free for a little too long though. Dropping immediately.

This was an excellent arc with quite a few surprising and memorable moments, particularly the reveal of Illumi (Gittarackur for most of the arc) and how he affects Killua. An introductory arc that sets up the characters, world, and story wonderfully. I am excited to get into my rewatch of the next arc, the Zoldyck Family arc!

David S. loves fantasy and Sci Fi books and enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, and eating too much pizza. On the weekend you can find him visiting family, going to church, and most of all at home under a blanket while reading books, watching anime/tv shows, or playing video games with friends.

Going through this rewatch just shows me how ridiculously strong the character intros really are. The mangaka clearly had a new each character incredibly well before the series even started and the anime benefitted from that tremendously.

In Haunting My Dreams, Ash encountered a giant Haunter called the Black Fog, notorious for using its Dream Eater attack to kill people and Pokémon by stealing their souls. Sabrina had a vendetta against this Haunter, as some of her Pokémon were attacked and killed by it when she was eleven, but she fell victim as well in her attempt to protect a team of people trying to hunt it down. With the combined efforts of Ash and the team of hunters, the Black Fog was weakened enough for capture, only for it to promptly use Self-Destruct, killing itself right before Ash's Ultra Ball could reach it.

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Hunter x Hunter is one of the best ways to lose good RMI medal (It was proven by some other CPers and I won't explain why here, feel free to consider the proof as an exercise for the reader). If you don't watch it, you may disregard it, but if you do, it's a sign from god. But maybe not the good one, since last time you had the same sign from god you got 0.86 points that day, dumbass. 041b061a72


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