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Adrian Wright
Adrian Wright

Usb Key Para Zara Studio 2 2 ((HOT))

i have been using these for a few months now and am loving them. this is my first mixer from the zara line and i can honestly say that i am very impressed with the quality of the unit. it's a great quality mixer and i really like the fact that it has the ability to send analog & digital signals through the headphone out. this is a really useful feature for anyone in a home studio. i would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a high quality usb mixer.

Usb Key Para Zara Studio 2 2

zara is a high-quality, multi-effect mixer with loads of features, a great price and a solid reputation. zara is available in two configurations: one with six channels and one with eight. the eight channel models can send signals to both analog and digital audio inputs, while the six channel models can only send digital audio signals. both models have eight inputs, eight outputs, four effects sections, master bus, and a headphone/line out section.

zara can be used as a standalone mixer or as the centerpiece of a home studio. what makes the zara stand apart from the crowd is its unique, powerful blend of simplicity and complexity. the zara is easy to use, with the dials and knobs clearly labeled and completely intuitive.

you may want to try the new version of zarastudio. it has improved the ability to assign parameters to the zarastudio menu. you can now do so in the top left corner. click the "formatting" icon, choose the audio format, and set the bitrate.

zarastudio 2 adds a wide range of parameters to the zarastudio menu, including a new parameter called "album cover". this allows you to change the file name as you hear it. if you add a cover, you can even use a picture from the web and change the file name based on the image. you can also set the position of the file within a playlist, and even set a fade to and from the file. when you insert a file into a playlist using the selection button, the file will be imported with the "album cover" parameter set to the name of the cover.


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