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What is European odds?

What are European odds? These are a type of odds that can be found on the betting board of any bookmaker, both domestic and international.

This is one of the three main types of odds, with a fairly simple way of playing, making it very suitable for beginners.

Although it is easy to play, is the 1×2 bet easy to win against the bookmaker?

To find out the answer, let's delve into the detailed information about this type of bet in my following share.

What are European odds?

As mentioned, European odds are a popular form of betting on bookmakers' boards.

In this type of bet, the player's task is simply to predict and bet on the team you believe is more likely to win bet tips the match.

This type of odds originated in Europe and is also known as 1X2 odds because in a direct bet slip, there are three betting options as follows:

  • Bet "1": Betting that the home team will win the match.

  • Bet "2": Betting that the away team will win the match.

  • Bet "X": Betting that the match will end in a draw.

The result of the bet is based on the actual outcome of the match to determine wins and losses, and the bookmaker's board will clearly display the odds for each betting option.

If you win in any selection, you will receive a payout at the corresponding rate, and this is also one of the most common forms of live betting during a match.

The results of these bets are completely objective and transparent because the match is played live and the bookmaker pays out immediately after the match ends.

The 1X2 betting method is quite easy, so most beginners choose this type of bet to kick off their "career."

How do you read European odds?

The betting format is quite simple, but to place accurate bets, you need to understand how to read the specific 1X2 odds on the bookmaker's board.

On this board, there are usually only symbols and numbers, so many new players may feel confused and easily make mistakes.

Here's how to read European odds on the bookmaker's board:

a) European Odds Symbol: 1X2

Naming the teams:

When two teams play on a neutral ground, there will be an (N) after their names, and the team listed on top is the stronger team, by free hot football tips.

The away team is the one listed below.

b) Betting Time:

1X2 FT (Full-time 1X2): Bet for the entire match.

1X2 HT (Half-time 1X2): Bet for the first half of the match.

c) Odds Rate (Payout Rate):

Corresponding to the name of each team will be the box showing the payout rate for the home team, the away team, and the draw option.

What are the characteristics of European odds?

A notable feature of European odds is that there are three betting options. Although this type of bet is easy to play, the probability of winning is only 1/3 or 33.33%, unlike Asian odds or over/under bets, which have a 50% win rate.

With European odds, your bet can only win or lose, there is no draw option, so you don't have the chance to get your stake back from the bookmaker; you either lose or win.

Therefore, even though this type of bet is easy, it can be very difficult if you underestimate it and think that 1×2 is simple and you will win no matter how you bet.

Guide on how to calculate European odds when winning or losing

When participating in football betting, one of the secrets to avoiding losses is to know how to calculate your winnings and losses.

The method for calculating European odds is quite simple, with only winning or losing bets:

Winnings for a 1×2 bet = Amount wagered * Winning odds.

Loss for a bet = Amount wagered.

Pretty simple, right? Although the bookmaker applies automatic calculations, you should still know this formula to better manage your best football prediction app and financial planning.

#5 Most effective ways to bet on European odds and make money

Although playing European odds is very simple, to play effectively and easily beat the bookmaker, you need to accumulate some good tips from experts.

Let me share some of the best and easiest money-making tips from personal experience and experts after many years of compiling them below.

Method for Betting on European Odds – Understand the Specific Rules

No matter how well you analyze the odds, if you don't choose a reputable bookmaker, you won't achieve any results.

So first, choose a reputable bookmaker, read through the regulations and rules of the bookmaker to ensure your bet is valid.

Additionally, you need to understand the detailed method of reading 1X2 odds to avoid any confusion when betting.

Gather All Relevant Information About the Match

Saying that European odds are easy to play is not wrong because it is simply a bet on choosing the winning team.

It’s quite easy to assess when two teams have a significant disparity in skill, but what if their strength is comparable?

In that case, you need to gather all relevant information to support accurate betting predictions:

  • Expected lineups of both teams, number of injured players, and penalties.

  • Recent performance of both teams, at least in the last five matches.

  • Head-to-head history: which team has the advantage?

  • Tactical formations: do they counter each other?

Equip Yourself with Reliable Odds Analysis Methods

For effective betting on European odds, players should have reliable methods of analyzing the odds.

These methods are widely shared on various forums, such as:

  • Using football betting formulas.

  • Comparing odds tables from different bookmakers.

  • Betting based on odds fluctuations.

  • Analyzing European odds based on supplementary bets.

  • Analyzing European odds based on the handicap from Asian odds.

Refer to Expert Tips

Experts always have more accurate and faster information about all factors that could affect the match outcome.

Therefore, referring to expert opinions will provide better data for making accurate European odds bets.

Have a Reasonable Betting and Financial Plan

Betting is a form of entertainment but can easily become addictive if you cannot control yourself.

Thus, set a limit on both time and budget when participating in European odds betting to always have a safe exit strategy.


Above is all the information about what European odds are. I hope I have provided new players with useful information to achieve great victories in the near future.

In addition to the 1×2 bet, you can also look into handicap bets and over/under bets to increase your chances of winning even more. Read more: The top 10 which website is 100% accurate for football predictions today?


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