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Panduan Umrah Tabung Haji Pdf Download

Panduan Umrah Tabung Haji PDF Download

Umrah is a voluntary pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah that can be performed at any time of the year. It is a way of worshiping Allah and seeking His forgiveness and mercy. Umrah consists of four main rituals: ihram, tawaf, sa'ie, and tahallul.

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For Muslims who want to perform umrah, they need to prepare themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. They also need to learn the proper way of performing the umrah rituals according to the teachings of Islam. One of the sources that can help them in this regard is the panduan umrah (umrah guide) provided by Tabung Haji, the Malaysian hajj pilgrims fund board.

Tabung Haji is an institution that manages the affairs of hajj and umrah for Malaysian Muslims. It offers various services and facilities for the pilgrims, such as registration, visa, transportation, accommodation, health care, guidance, and education. Tabung Haji also publishes various publications related to hajj and umrah, such as books, magazines, brochures, and leaflets.

One of the publications that Tabung Haji produces is the panduan umrah (umrah guide) in PDF format. This guide is available for download from the Tabung Haji website . The guide contains comprehensive information about umrah, such as:

  • The definition, virtues, and conditions of umrah

  • The preparation and requirements for umrah

  • The steps and procedures of umrah

  • The do's and don'ts of umrah

  • The supplications and remembrances of umrah

  • The visit to Madinah and its historical sites

  • The frequently asked questions and answers about umrah

The panduan umrah (umrah guide) is written in Malay language and has 64 pages. It is divided into six chapters, each with a different color scheme. The guide also has illustrations, diagrams, maps, and photos to help the readers understand the content better. The guide is suitable for anyone who wants to perform umrah or learn more about it.

Besides the panduan umrah (umrah guide) from Tabung Haji, there are also other sources that can provide guidance and knowledge about umrah. For example, the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia publishes a book titled Tuntunan Manasik Haji dan Umrah (Guidance for Hajj and Umrah Rituals) . This book covers the basic knowledge related to hajj and umrah rituals, health care, and hajj management in Malaysia and the Holy Land. The book is written in Indonesian language and has 128 pages.

Another example is Shahidah Travel, a Singaporean travel agency that specializes in hajj and umrah packages. Shahidah Travel offers various e-books on its website that can be downloaded for free. Some of the e-books are Buku Panduan Umrah (Umrah Guide Book), Panduan Manasik Umrah (Umrah Rituals Guide), Buku Haji 2019 (Hajj Book 2019), Buku Ibadah Harian (Daily Worship Book), and Zikir dan Selawat (Remembrance and Salutation). These e-books contain useful information and tips on how to perform hajj and umrah smoothly and successfully.

In conclusion, performing umrah is a rewarding act of worship that can bring many benefits to the Muslims. However, it requires proper preparation and guidance to ensure its validity and acceptance by Allah. Therefore, it is advisable for the Muslims who want to perform umrah to seek knowledge from reliable sources, such as the panduan umrah (umrah guide) from Tabung Haji or other similar publications.


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