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Scorpion: Disfigured Review - A Sci-Fi Shooter with a Cyberpunk Vibe

scorpion: disfigured was developed by b-cool interactive and published by akella. the game revolves around a virus known as the seed which slowly spreads through the body of the main character, with the only way of eradicating it being the use of a military prototype suit, named crysis. the protagonist of the game is a young girl named violet, with the majority of her game being set in the city of sarajevo in 1992. the player takes control of violet as she fights the evil forces that have come to inhabit the city. the game combines first-person shooter and action rpg gameplay, with the player having to explore large areas, fighting enemies along the way and using various tools and weapons in combat to kill the enemies. the plot of the game has not been confirmed to be a direct continuation of the previous game, as there is a different main character. however, it is still set during the same events and this can be deduced from the story. in the main menu, the dialogue allows the player to learn more about the seed, the virus that has come to infect violets body. with the help of judith, a friend of the main character, the player is able to find the research lab that is being used to study the seed and eradicate it once and for all. in this lab, the player can interact with various other characters, including one of the researchers. however, the scientists are kept away from the player, forcing them to find their own way out of the lab. the locations of the game are mostly set in the city of sarajevo, with brief cut-scenes showing the events that are taking place in the city. the plot of the game is definitely more interesting than the previous game and it is actually worth playing, although there are some problems with the storyline and graphics. there are also some bugs present in the game which need to be fixed for a smoother game play. the overall story is interesting and well-paced, and it is very similar to the previous game. however, the storyline is not as well-developed and the game is not as well-written as the predecessor game. the plot is actually a bit confusing at times, with some parts of the game being contradictory. there are a few characters who are much more interesting than in the previous game, while the main character of the previous game is quite boring.

Scorpion: Disfigured (2009) PC (Ger) game

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