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Robert Reyes
Robert Reyes

Before I Self Destruct 720p [PATCHED]

Traditional trawling is not suitable when catching krill, because krill can self-destruct under such stress. To preserve the high quality of the krill catch, gentle harvesting, followed by immediate processing is essential. Aker BioMarine has developed a new technology for krill harvesting and processing called Eco HarvestingTM which ensures that this high quality catch is preserved and brought through the value chain.

Before I Self Destruct 720p

im gonna be honest with you"gaijin", the mines are bad in the current state, the boat is fun and all but considering the purpose of mines and seeing them explode after a minute-ish defeats the purpose, i like the fact that you can shoot them and see them from a distance so why make them self destruct, played the boat a few times and haven't got a single kill with the mines


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