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Moe Girl Cafe 2 APK MOD (Unlimited Money Diam...

Corresponding to this style, the layout, utensils, tools, and atmosphere in the Moe girl cafe all simulate the context of Japanese anime movies and manga series. Guests arriving will be taken into a world separate from the bustling modern space outside the shop.

Moe Girl Cafe 2 APK MOD (Unlimited Money Diam...

This is a management simulation game. In it, you are a Japanese maid-style cafe manager. With the help of moe girls, you will smoothly run your cafe and slowly develop it to new heights, such as expanding, redecorating the space, opening more branches, and finally becoming a became the manager of a cafe chain Moe girl across the country.

Not only can you experience managing a cafe according to a strange theme model, and manually running small to large jobs in the shop, Moe Girl Cafe 2 is also a place where you meet many interesting customers and earn money. Gain a lot of management experience to later play other career simulation games.

These moe girls can also wear many beautiful and sophisticated costumes. Moe Girl Cafe 2 has a collection of hundreds of cosplay for girls. The longer you play, the more opportunities you have to open up more clothes, giving your cafe a rich and stylish look.

In addition, who to hire, and how much to hire, part-time or full-time are also quite headache decisions. Depending on the time, and the level of development of the cafe, you must carefully consider how to hire a moe girl. Basically, at least a cafe moe girl according to regulations needs 2 kitchens, 2 receptionists, and 1 accountant. 041b061a72


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