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My mission at Shi(f)t Happens is to help individuals experiencing challenging times in their lives (aka when shit happens) to shift into a new, more positive perspective, mindset, and place in life. Although I don’t necessarily believe that “everything happens for a reason”, I believe that you can take what is happening in your life and create a reason for it happening; you can learn and grow from it and turn it into something positive!

"I have had counselling several times in my life and have had some very good counselors. Sheri, however, is by far the best!"   - Anonymous

What to Expect at Your Visit

I embrace a very collaborative approach in which we will work together as a team to explore the challenges that you are facing and which solutions might be best suited for you as an individual. I utilize feedback informed sessions in which we will take a few minutes at the end of each session to discuss what you liked and didn't like and what you felt was the most helpful. I also utilize feedback and questionnaires to ensure that you are progressing in a positive direction and not simply sitting in a chair week after week. 

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Individual Sessions

From children and youth to adults and seniors;

I've got you covered. 

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Couple's Sessions

Our couple's sessions will be based on the research and training of Dr. John Gottman.

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The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

An exciting online workshop that will immediately empower you to engage in a richer, more satisfying relationship.

Cognitive Assessments

Coming Soon!

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Separation and Divorce

Support Groups

These small, online groups are perfect for any stage of separation or divorce; from contemplation to years after.

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